An extremely informative Teacher’s Study Guide for the Classroom has been designed for SOUSATZKA. In the Study Guide you will find many connections to the study curriculum for high schools and middle schools. SOUSATZKA will tackle many important subjects, which will be discussed in detail, with links to websites, videos, and music to illuminate your study, and relevant activities to be considered before and after seeing the show.  The guide is built on 3 themes:

  1. The score by Maltby & Shire found the words and musical idioms that belong to Second World War Polish exiles, the Classical music world of 1983 London, 1980s Popular music, and South African jazz artists from the era of the anti-Apartheid struggle. We will explore these idioms and explain how they affected the musical, political, and social world.
  2. The anti-democratic political climate of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain, their attitudes to others, including immigrants, gays, exiles, and freedom fighters of South Africa’s ANC. We will investigate why this political climate is destructive to society, and what artists can do to fight this injustice.
  3. Racism and hatred are not innate – they need to be taught. In the words of playwright Craig Lucas, “hatred and fear may never die but hope is stronger, love is more powerful, and justice is the last word in my universe.”

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